KSB Pump Spares

KSB Pump Spare Parts

KSB, founded in 1871, in Frankenthal, Germany, is one of the worlds leading supplier of pumps and valves, which are used in a large variety of applications. KSB combine innovative technoloty with excellent service, providing pumps, valves and systems for nearly all applications involving the transportation of liquids.

These are used in a large variety of applications ranging from building services, industry and water transport to waste water treatment and power plant processes. KSB has a presence on all continents. The success of the company is founded on its innovative technology


A list of just some of the pump models we can assist you with

Amacan 850-550 / 290 Pump
CHTB 4/7
CPKN-S1 032-250
CPKN-S1 032-250
ETABLOC SYT 032-125 1/152
Etaline GN 032-160

Etanorm SYA 50-315
HPK-S 65-315
KRT K 150-401/1304UNGS
Model: MTC A32/14A-
Model: N32-160

Movitec V10
MTC A65/8c-5.1 10.62
MTC RO 50/9C-04.1
Sewatec F 150-315 Pump,

Other Pump Spares We Stock