Jets AS Pump Spares

Jets AS Pump Spare Parts

Jets AS, founded in 1986 in Norway is a global manufacturer of vacuum pumps. It has grown steadily over the past 30 days and today is a worldwide organisation. Jets™ pride themselves on their reputation for innovation, and are driven to continuously refine their product range to provide their customers with the very best products and technology.

Jets’ patented Vacuumarator® pump technology is a feat of engineering which generates vacuum with the highest reliability and efficiency. This vacuum pump is the compact and water saving solution to the sanitation requirements of the future.This leading vacuum generator unit, is installed in-line, directly connected to the sewage treatment plant, without necessitating a minimum level of sewage in the tank and without creating foam. Installation is very simple and cost efficient, while the full range of modular plants, with a minimal foot-print, allows high flexibility in design of the systems.


A list of just some of the pump models we can assist you with


260 MBA
7BA 132S02K

95MB, 02E095001
MEZ 7BA 132S02K

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