Roten  Mechanical Seals
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Roten  Mechanical Seals

Roten Mechanical Seals

Roten mechanical seals were originally established in 1945 under the name 'Laboratorio Elettromeccanica Di Precise Carlo Fontanella', but changed their name to Roten S.R.L in 1974

Norton Wells can supply the full range of Roten mechanical seals (whose trademark also includes Uniten). Norton Wells additionally stocks Roten mechanical seals, including some of the following models:

Roten Type 2 Mechanical Seal - Single Spring, unbalanced, elastomer bellows mechanical seal

It is a mechanical seal for general use, such as water, food, chemical products, hydrocarbons etc. It is versatile and easy to mount and cab be supplied in different versions with different materials.

Roten Type 5 Mechanical Seal - Single Spring, unbalanced, elastomer bellows mechanical seal

The principal advantage of this seal is the possibility to replace only the wearing faces during overhauls. They can be supplied in materials such as pure alumina ceramic, solid corrosion resistant tungsten carbide and silicon carbide, normal carbon, metalised carbon, filled PTFE etc.

Metallic parts are in stainless steel or in corrosion resistant super alloys and “O” rings can be supplied in any kind of rubber; the seal design is very resilient compared to other seal types reducing the effects of vibration and misalignment of the machine on which it is installed. These features also give it great versatility particularly for heavy duties.

Other Roten models include:

Roten Type 2 Roten Type 22 Roten Type 3 Roten Type 33
Roten Type 4 Roten Type 45 Roten Type 5 Roten Type 7
Roten Type 7K Roten Type 82 Roten Type 84 Roten Type 85
Roten Type E Roten Type 8 E Roten Type 82E Roten Type 85E
Roten Type EHS Roten Type L Roten Type P Roten Type RF
Roten Type 842 Roten Type 900 - -

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