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Indufil ® Filtration Products

Norton Wells supply the full range of Indufil filtration products, and specialise in the supply of 100% Genuine Indufil ® Filters (certification will be provided to demonstrate the filters are genuine). Please be careful when sourcing replacement Indufil filters as there are many copy / replacement products on the market which are not fit for purpose.

The Indufil ® products are designed to work together in complex systems to ensure optimum filter performance. Patented filtration technologies provide filter elements that are able to remove liquids in addition to solids within a single unit .

Indufil Design Benefits:

The Indufil ® product range includes filtration products for both Gas and Liquid applications.

Indufil ® Gas Filtration

Indufil ® fuel gas filtration units are individually tailored to maximize reliability regardless of the condition of the supply gas. They are fitted as original equipment by most major gas turbine suppliers and EPCs around the world. Effective filtration systems help meet the demands of modern engines for clean, dry gas. Failure to provide acceptable gas can quickly cause a reduction in efficiency or, even worse, an unscheduled outage.

Most fuel gas filtration units come with their own skid base and incorporate associated instrumentation such as safety valves, pressure and temperature measurements.

Indufil ® specially designed filter elements remove water and particle contamination and maximize reliable operation of the turbine.

IndufilŪ Liquid Filtration

Indufil ® Liquid Filtration

Indufil ® liquid filters can be applied to almost any liquid application, from hydraulic and bearing oil systems to lubrication and water injection systems.

Filters in duplex configuration are recommended to ensure adequate, uninterrupted filtration of the process flow when changing the filter element.

The Indufil ® patented elements remove particle contamination and maximize reliable operation of the machine.

The original Indufil modular building principle - using machined parts from forgings - offers high flexibility and a compact design that provides plug-and-play solutions for any field upgrade.

Indufil® Filter Elements - Indufil Replacement Filter Elements

Indufil ® Filter Elements - Indufil Replacement Filter Elements

The performance of a filter unit is entirely dependent on the elements fitted, making it essential to fit genuine Indufil filter elements. During the design stage of the equipment, Indufil ® products have been selected for patented design features that provide specified performance levels. Fitting non-genuine filter elements may well invalidate warranties from both John Crane and the OEM for the complete installation.

The combination of patented features and materials has a major influence on both performance and the pressure drop over the filter unit - the goal being to maximize run time between change-outs. Indufil ® filters typically exceed industry requirements, including API standards. Indufil holds large stocks of replacement elements and can usually dispatch a spare within hours of receiving an order.

Our replacement elements incorporate John Crane's patented design.
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